get the borrowers authorization form doc

Get the get the borrowers authorization form doc

Borrowers' Certification and Authorization CERTIFICATION The Undersigned certify the following: Truth-In-Lending Mortgage 1. I/We have applied for a mortgage loan through . In applying for the loan,
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This form is called a the borrower certification and authorization in this form is part of your mortgage application that you would complete when you apply for a mortgage companies Equuleus mortgage LLC and my name is Jeremy randa's I am a certified mortgage planning specialist and also a certified residential mortgage specialist the borrow authorization certification this part just saying basically the information that you provide to us is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and also this form authorizes us to go ahead and request or verify information like employment your assets income etc anything that's pertinent to the application you give us the authorization to verify gonna add to the middle of the form mortgage fraud prevention that's just stating that mortgage fraud willfully not disclosing or disclosing fraudulent information it is a crime and it could be punishable in fines or jail time go down to the bottom of the form it also stays a affidavit affidavit of occupancy if you if you're saying that the problem the residence is going to be a primary residence testing well then you must occupy within 30 days of closing if you say and it's a secondary residence you have to occupy it at least 15 days of the year and that down here if it's an investment property then you're just saying you're purchasing it to be either hell or rented out as an investment disclosures at the bottom of this form I will get into that in additional videos one by one on youtube so you could view it at your leisure for information and the more information you have the better decision you can make regarding your mortgage you should know exactly what you're what you're doing and how to properly invest in real estate the bottom here is where the borrower sign and date and the Cobra on a date this is justin disclosure and that's not a contract it's just saying that it has to be disclosed to you and you have to sign it so we could verify the information and request additional documents if we eat it now our company is equalized mortgage LLC and this is my name Jeremy rammed us I'm a certified mortgage planning specialist and the certified residential mortgage specialist and also a general Mortgage Association associate these are higher level of training that I have acquired and certification that I have received upon completion of those training in order to better serve you in a more professional efficient way here's our address my phone my direct line my website address and my email if you should have any questions regarding mortgages or mortgage planning please contact me this is my number and my email address thank you